What is Microblading?

Microblading is a cosmetic tattoo which adds hyperrealistic micro strokes to a sparse brow. Colors can be customized to match your hair color and shapes are preapproved prior to starting the service. We do not offer consultation, therefore a deposit must be paid to secure your appointment.

The appointment is only booked once you have received a confirmation from our booking system via text message.

I had my eyebrows done elsewhere, can I get a top up with you?

Our top up service is only for our existing clients. If you have had the brows done elsewhere, we will consider you as a new client and normal pricing applies.

What is a patch test? How can I book for one?

A two minute allergy test is offered to all new clients.  If you have any previous history of allergic reaction and it’s a possibility that you may be at risk of having a reaction to tattoo ink, please pop in for a quick test at your own convenience, during our opening hours before booking an appointment as once you have paid the booking fee, it is non-refundable. No booking is necessary for this patch test.

Do you need to see my eyebrows before booking an appointment?

We would like to see your eyebrows only if you had permanent makeup/tattooing  before on the brows, just so we can see how the old tattoo has faded and if it is possible to cover the old tattoo. 

Will you draw in the shape of the eyebrows first?

Yes we will draw in the shape of the brows before getting started. We do not apply pigment to the skin without agreeing on the shape, color, and length of a brow. Once you’re completely happy with a brow design the microblading will begin.

How long is the appointment?

Please allow 1.5 up to 2 hours. If you parked on a meter, please make sure you have enough time as this appointment can’t be rushed.

Is the touch up appointment necessary?

Yes it is necessary to come back for a touchup in order to ensure your brows healed properly. Any strokes that have faded will be refilled. All concerns will be addressed at the touchup.

How to secure an appointment?

Contact us  by text or by calling 07514947842 to find a suitable date and time. Once agreed on a slot, a booking fee is required to secure the appointment. We do not book any appointments without having received the booking fee. The booking fee will be accounted towards your treatment price but it is non-refundable.

What happens if I cannot attend my appointment anymore?

Please let us know seven days in advance if you cannot meet your scheduled appointment. If you fail to notify us in the time allotted you will forfeit your deposit. We can move the appointment date to a new date with advance notice.

How long is the healing process? Will I be able to go to work?

In the first two weeks special attention is required for the treated area, however overall healing can take up to four weeks. Usually clients can resume their normal routine after the first week as long as you follow the post care instructions.

Can I get my brows wet or work out?

It is very important to keep the eyebrow area dry in order to reduce the risk or colour rejection, complications, infections, and retention. If the brows are scabbing it needs to be kept dry until all the scars have fallen off on their own (no picking, scratching, or pulling). It is generally advised to avoid anything strenuous for two weeks.

Can I wear makeup?

It is advisable to avoid makeup above the cheeks to ensure the brows stay clean. After the brows have stopped flaking you can resume your makeup application.

When can I go out in the sun after the treatment?

Any time spent in the sun after treatment will affect retention, therefore it is best to avoid the sun the first two weeks if possible. Your eyebrows will fade prematurely if you have direct sunlight on the brows while they’re healing. Please wear a hat, sunglasses, or spf while outside. Do not sunbathe for two weeks.

It is not yet a month and the tattoo has already "disappeared"?!

This is completely normal and it’s part of the healing process. If the colour is patchy, remember a touch up visit is offered for first time clients. Please refer to terms and conditions for more details.

It has been a week and my brows is itching.

This is normal, it means your eyebrows are healing. Please refrain from picking, peeling or rubbing your eyebrows at all and remember that the tattoo may look lighter once the scabs flake off naturally as the skin is still healing.

Why do I have to wait at least 4 weeks for my touch up?

The skin can take up to 4 weeks to heal completely and only after that is safe for a touch up. Touch ups cannot be done sooner that 4 weeks from previous treatment, no exceptions. This can be potentially dangerous and lead to scaring.

How long will Microblading last?

It varies and depends on clients skin, lifestyle, age and activities as well as how well you looked after your eyebrows during healing period. Usually this can last about 1-3 years. Annual top up is usually recommended to maintain brows. 

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